Rolex // Submariner 5513 ‘Metres First’

The first Submariner was produced in 1953 and showcased at Basel in 1954. Rolex had been keen to develop a watch that would perform underwater, resist corrosion and be suitable for everyday wear (nailed it). Employee Rene-Paul Jeanneret was an avid diver and the driving force behind the watch that would mark the start of a new division within the company, sports watches. Fun fact: he became friends with the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, who provided invaluable insight into the needs of divers. The 5513 remains one of the longest manufacturing runs of any Rolex produced and this beloved icon has shown up on the wrists of Sean Connery’s James Bond and Steve McQueen, to name a few. The dial and bezel seemed like a perfect backdrop to set an underwater scene. I’ve always loved the magical feeling of being underwater looking up at refracted light dancing on the surface.

The time is set at 9:15 because water always finds level (slight creative license here with the hour hand).