Wimbledon Poster | Julie Kraulis
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Wimbledon Poster

2014, ESPN, poster contest, Wimbledon
About This Project

I had the good fortune of making the shortlist for ESPN’s 2014 Wimbledon Poster contest. It was the perfect intersection of two things I love, art and tennis.

I came across the contest a week before the deadline and hustled to pull together this design. One of the things I love most about tennis is the diversity of tournaments on the tour, from location to surface to vibe. Each one has its own flavour. Wimbledon is pure class. I love the charm of its traditions: a royal box, all white dress, strawberries and cream. I love that people have flocked to its hallowed grounds for over a century to watch and support riveting tennis: its rivalries, legends and historic moments. Like countless others, I have so many memories of matches played at Wimbledon. I was inspired to create a poster that honours all those who have gathered at the All-England Club to watch this marvellous game. This poster celebrates the style mavens and die-hand fans, the cultured and uproarious, and the most famous lawns in the world.


I think might just have to make a grand slam collection of posters, after some authentic research, of course…