OMEGA Speedmaster | Lost In Space Moonwatch | Julie Kraulis
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OMEGA Speedmaster // Lost In Space Moonwatch

This piece was created for OMEGA‘s Lost in Space event at the TATE Modern, a 60th anniversary Speedmaster event with George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin. It was an incredible evening – a heartfelt thanks to OMEGA for giving me the opportunity to create this exciting drawing, a small portion of which was created in the presence of Space royalty. I can still hardly believe it!


The time is set at 3:16:15, the time Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the moon July 21, 1969 wearing the Speedmaster. The dial shows the new moon that fell on the night of the Lost in Space event. And, the twinkling lights are to signify the honorary constellation Speedmaster, just down from the Little Dipper…


Here’s a video of the event ( a small cameo by yours truly at 0:38):

Graphite on Arches hot press paper, 26" x 40"