TAG Heuer Autavia Ref 3646 | Julie Kraulis
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TAG Heuer Autavia Ref 3646

heuer autavia heuer autavia heuer autavia

Graphite, 30 x 44


Last strokes on the Tag Heuer Autavia Ref 3646, third up in the #JKAItimepieces road-inspired collection.

A timepiece of serious sporting heritage, the Autavia was first a dashboard timer for rally cars. The name comes from a combination of “AUTomotive” and “AVIAiation”. In his first year at Ed. Heuer & Co. SA, Jack was in a Swiss car rally with Samuel Heuer (no relation). They were in good shape until close to the finish when Jack misread the dial on the Heuer 12-hour ‘Autavia” dashboard stopwatch by a minute. As a result, the team came in third place instead of first and according to Jack this error infuriated him! He realized that the dial of the “Autavia” stopwatch was too difficult to read at top speeds. So, he got to work making modifications to improve the timekeeper. In 1962, the design was adapted to a wrist chronograph and became the first Heuer with a rotating bezel.  Time set at 19:58, the year of the race.

Gotta say, I’m developing a special affinity for vintage Heuer!