Heuer Carrera 2447N | Julie Kraulis
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Heuer Carrera 2447N

Graphite, 30 x 44


1963 Heuer Carrera 2447N, the first drawing in a small collection of timepieces inspired by the road.


The Carrera is a quintessential drivers’ watch and its history can be traced back to the 1962 12 Hours of Sebring race in Florida. Jack Heuer (great-grandson of Heuer founder Edouard) was invited to represent the company, lender of the timekeepers for the race. The legendary Rodriguez brothers of Mexico, Ricardo and Pedro, were driving for Ferrari and Jack spent time in the pit talking with their parents, learning all about the Carrera Panamericana, the notoriously dangerous car race through Mexico. He was inspired by the event and the name, which means “race” or “career” in Spanish, and went on to design this classic chronograph. On June 17, 1962 at the Belgian Grand Prix, Ricardo placed fourth, becoming the youngest driver to score championship points, a record that stood for 38 years. He drove a Ferrari 156 and the instruments and gauges in this drawing are the same ones he would have been looking at that racing season.


Thank you, Jack, for this iconic timepiece.


For more, check out the excellent article at Hodinkee explaining the very first Carrera. It’s an education over there!