Book Cover // Her Own Wild Winds - Julie Kraulis Art + Illustration
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Book Cover // Her Own Wild Winds

Book, Design

It was a true pleasure working alongside the inspiring Genevieve V Georget, creating the book cover for her debut book Her Own Wild Winds. Her words run deep, true and heartfelt thoughts are beautifully written. Check out her work here.



For most of her life, Genevieve has struggled to navigate the brokenness that comes with being human—broken heart, broken past, broken sense of self. Constantly fighting to find a path to the other side of the pain, it wasn’t until she started writing — putting words on paper and seeing her story evolve that she found the light she so desperately sought.

Writing helped make sense of the hurt and find purpose in the struggle. It helped her let go of the darkness that gripped her heart and make room for something new.

Writing healed her.

For the past ten years, Gen has sat before a simple piece of paper to find her way through marriage, family, parenting, anxiety, faith and everything in between. The act of writing is what helped her put the fragmented pieces of herself back together.

Her Own Wild Winds is those pieces in a collection of experiences, stories and lessons gathered over time that, together, create a life.

She could tell you that this book is about love and loss and joy and pain.  But if she’s being completely honest (which is what she does best), it’s about a bunch of words that set her free.  It’s not a book about how she healed; it’s the actual book in which she healed.

It’s a story about a book that saved its writer.

This is Genevieve’s first book.