Book Cover // Springtime in Lawrence Park - Julie Kraulis Art + Illustration
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Book Cover // Springtime in Lawrence Park

book cover art book cover butterfly
Art, Book
About This Project

This book cover design was shortlisted for a competition organized by Fire and Ash Publishers to create a design for their first title, Springtime in Lawrence Park. I started out with a clear vision of how I wanted to articulate my design but encountered a few hurdles along the way. First attempt I burned the paper cut-out to a crisp… Second attempt I set off the fire alarm… Third attempt I lopped off a wing… Then I decided to hand-render the butterfly with graphite and the burn marks with pencil crayon. I also got kicked out of a store trying to purchase these gold pins. Let’s just say this one was more hustle, less smooth sailing.


You can see the shortlisted designs and the winner here.