About | Freelance Artist + Illustrator Toronto | Julie Kraulis
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Hello! I’m a visual artist and illustrator living in Toronto.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing. The pencil has been an extension of my hand, mind, and soul. I love that it is one of the simplest tools and yet you could spend a lifetime trying to master it. This is my dream. Since receiving my Bachelor of Design in Illustration at the Ontario College of Art & Design, I’ve spent most days in my studio by the lake with a pencil or paintbrush working on a wide range of projects with clients from all over, from fine art to illustration to picture books.


Possibility and curiosity make me tick, so I’m always on the look out for interesting projects and collaborations. If you are interested in commissioning work or just curious about the work I’m doing, let’s talk!


Current Work // MAKING TIME


I’m currently working on an horological collection, an independent study of timepieces. A little while ago, I wanted to start playing with objects and scale. Sometimes you stop seeing everyday objects, like really seeing them, and when magnified, something special happens and abstract qualities are emphasized. You start to see line and form and balance. I’m interested in exploring and trying to understand what makes certain designed objects timeless and cult classics. I wandered into the watch world because it’s full of rich history and detail – plenty to keep me busy for a good long while.